A Sister’s Wise Counsel

Proverbs 1:2-3

That men may know wisdom and instruction, understanding words of insight, receive instruction in wise dealing, righteousness, justice, and equity.

Thought for the Day:  Seek wise counsel through Godly people

God is in the details of our lives if we just pray and open our eyes to see Him. After a period of over a year, we find ourselves in the beautiful opening of a gift from God. As we open the gift, we realize that the year of joblessness has come to an end and that Mark has been offered a beautiful job with a wonderful church. In the immediate moments following the announcement, we cheered, screamed, and hugged each other in excitement. After a time of elation, we started realizing the details of moving to a new place when there were so many things to be done. The moment when we became overwhelmed with the long list of things that needed to be done in a two week period became unimaginable and questions started coming into our minds about what to do next.   In that moment, that scary moment, we knew we needed a trusted person to help us see God’s plan for us that we were too blinded to see. A call to a Godly woman, Mark’s sister, finally gave use some solace in the middle of decisions that gave us a peace and a possible plan for the coming months.

God knows His plan for our lives but sometimes we need to pray and seek His wisdom through wise people He has placed in our lives. At the point when we couldn’t see past the overwhelming situation we were in, God led our thoughts to the most God loving and God fearing person we know. Through His wise counsel in the words of Mark’s sister, the solace finally came.

Prayer:   God, thank you for putting persons in our lives who have wisdom and faith to help us understand our situations in life. They give us Your words in human form where we can hear clearly the path you put in front of us. You are awesome God. Amen.


2 thoughts on “A Sister’s Wise Counsel

  1. susan and i join your many friends in congratulating the locke family. mark will do great. just remember your devotional today : you cant do it all at one time. lloyd


    1. Yes! We had a very strong sense of peace when we woke up the morning after talking to Priscilla. Now, we can take our time and make sure we do things in God’s time. We know the direction we are going now and that knowledge helps us take our time and do things right. Thanks for the continue prayers.


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