Excitement in Heaven

1 Corinthians 2:9

But it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him.”

Thought for the Day:  We will be excited when we get to Heaven.

My mother always had a childlike way of seeing things and became very excited when she was passionate about something. In her later years, she moved close to a special place where there was a campmeeting. She always said that she felt closest to Heaven when she was sitting on the third row of Joyner’s Campmeeting listening to Mark Locke sing. Yes, that was who later became my husband. She shared that with a very prim and proper British minister and his wife who wanted to see this place that was so special to my mother. They were visiting during the cold month of February in my mother’s home, and she decided to take them to see this special place and she did. She drove them about twenty minutes out of town driving rural country roads that became gravel as they entered the campmeeting grounds. She showed them the rustic cabins, the creek, and the rustic Tabernacle. After awhile, Dr. Mallett, the British pastor, turned to my mother and said in his beautiful British accent, “Mary Jane, when we get to Heaven, you are going to be VERY excited or I am going to be VERY disappointed.” Obviously, my mother’s choice of showing the campmeeting grounds to the Malletts during that cold month did not show the beauty as it normally had in the beautiful summer months when everything was green and lush, and when the flowers were growing. She also loved Joyner’s campmeeting because of the many memories of revivals and long stays she had during the annual summer campmeeting in years past. Many years of laughter followed the remark by Dr. Mallett.

When we get to Heaven, God has assured us that we will be excited and we will live eternity with Him. My mother was “excited” on the day she went to Heaven, and Dr. Mallet was also “excited” when he arrived several years later. And, we will all be excited beyond our human imagination when we get to Heaven and see Jesus face to face. None of us will be disappointed because we will be welcomed home.

Prayer:   God, thank you for preparing a place for us when our earthly time is over and we come home. We are assured that You will be waiting along with our loved ones who have gone ahead of us. Help us live each day on earth with excitement and help us lead as many people to You as we can where they can share the excitement with us. Amen.


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