Special Friend

Genesis 31:49

“The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from the other.”

Thought for the Day:  Listen to God’s voice through the voices of friends

I have a wonderful friend who I have gotten to know very well during the last year. She teaches with me and has the grandest, God loving spirit. She is going through decisions and a transition just as I am and waiting for God’s calling. When we pass in the hallway at the school where we both teach, we look in each others eyes and know immediately whether we need to hug each other, talk to each other, or to just give a pat on the back and keep going at that moment. We have shared our stories, scriptures, and devotionals. Not many people in our school know of our friendship because we are both rather private people, but God put us together at this time in our lives. Soon she will be moving to be closer to her husband and family and I will miss her presence in our school. But I will always hold a very special place in my heart for my spiritual friend and sister in Christ. She has been a special gift to me through my year of question and transition, and I feel blessed to know that He has given me “Dana”.

God knows our needs and knows who to put in our lives to help us through situations and to be His voice. I am thankful for friends and loved ones who speak God’s words to me. As I go through my days, I want to be God’s voice to someone else and to touch them as my special friend has touched me.

Prayer:   Our loving Father, thank you for putting people and friends in our lives who speak Your words to us. Help us to be Your voice to others and to bring people closer to Your love. Amen.


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