Grandmother’s Treasures

Proverbs 22:6

Tell your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.

Thought for the Day: Treasures from our ancestors

I loved going to my grandmother’s house when I was young. I have so many memories of our time there but I remember very well going into a closet she had in the boys room, a room with twin beds where my brother’s slept. That closet had treasures of all kinds. There were toys that were old and worn, but I loved playing with them because they seemed new to me. There were potholder looms and loops in the closet. I made many “beautiful” potholders to adorn my mother’s kitchen at home. And then, there were yarn skeins. There were baskets and baskets of yarn skeins. “Mama Ed”, as I called her, sat in her chair watching TV and telling her stories. Through everything, she crocheted afghans. I guess she made an afghan for each of her grandchildren.  As I got older, she noticed my interest so she taught me how to crochet. I loved making baby blankets. One of my first “real, instruction read” baby blankets was one that I worked on for a period of time as I was hoping to adopt a baby. I imagined wrapping my baby in that blanket. When I finished the delicate white blanket, I put it aside. Some time passed and we adopted that precious baby. When the social worker drove into our driveway with our little two-day old boy, I took the baby blanket that I had made out to the car, as it was a very cold day, and wrapped him in it as I brought him into out house. As I think of that moment today, I realize that although my grandmother had been gone several years, there was a part of her in that blanket that was wrapped around my little boy.

As I read my scripture this morning based on Hebrews 11 when many Biblical stories were mentioned, I began thinking about the many faith stories I have in my mind that were told to me about my ancestors. As I reflect on my grandmother and her crocheted afghans, I can almost hear her telling her stories. What a treasure God gave me through her.

Prayer:   Father God, thank you so much for the memories you have given us of our precious families. Our ancestors formed the faith that we still live by today. Listening to stories about them and remembering stories we heard when we were young have also formed our faith today. Help us share our faith story with our children today. Amen.


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