Peace at all Times

Peace at all Times

This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him is no darkness at all.

Thought for the Day:  God is with us in our daytime, and in our night.

My sweet son is afraid of the dark. No matter what I say or what we tell him, he is fearful of the unknown in the dark.   Today, my scriptures dealt with our belief that God is by our side at all times through whatever grief and pain we may go through. He is leading us, if we listen, to the place beyond that pain. When the morning light appears, my child is no longer fearful but ready to go on with his day. When I think about the light I realize that I am the same way, to an extent. I worry and fret through situations until they are over and then look back to see where God has led. I look forward to the time when my child can remember and believe that God is with him always, not just in the daytime but especially at night. I also pray that soon, and very soon, we can all feel the peace at all times that God is walking right beside us.

Darkness can be frightening, but with God by our side, the fear fades away and we have the faith to follow where He leads.

Prayer:   God, help the ones I love feel your presence in all they do and at all times. Help us know that darkness always turns to light and that our unknown fears are the darkness and that if we can just let go of those fears, you will be there in the light. Amen.


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