Seeking God’s Presence

Psalms 139:7-8

Whither shall I go from thy Spirit? Or whither shall I flee from thy presence? (RSV)

Thought for the Day: Seeking God’s Presence

I have two places I love to go to feel close to God. One is a Lake Junaluska in the mountains on North Carolina and the other is an annual campmeeting we attend each year where I sit outside in the early morning. In both of these places I can feel God’s presence and sense He is near through the sounds of the breeze and the birds singing. I awoke this morning unable to have my quiet time due to sleeping late and being surrounded by my family. As I looked around for a quiet place inside the house for my time with God, there was someone there. I picked up my Bible and devotional materials and headed outside to sit on our back patio. As I read, my little boy came out and I shared some time with him. After he went back in the house, I reflected on the scripture and listened. As I listened I heard the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and heard the sound of birds as they noisily sang. As I listened, I looked up to see our very large trees shading me and protecting me from the heat of the sun. As I continued to reflect, I realized that what I was experiencing in that moment had every component of what I longed for in my two special places.

In my life, I have had many “mountain top” experiences where I traveled somewhere and felt very near to God, then felt depressed emotions when I traveled home. Today, I felt very near to God in the place where I live my daily routine. God is near right now and is near to us everywhere and everyday, we just have to listen.

Prayer:   God, thank you for always being near to us as we go through our daily lives. Help us to always feel your presence in all we do and help us find the quiet places to hear your voice.  Amen.


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