A Father’s Guidance

Proverbs 7:24

And now, O sons, listen to me, and be attentive to the words of my mouth. (NIV)

Thought for the Day:  I will listen to Your voice

My father and I were always very close. I admired him in a way that only a daughter can admire her daddy. We talked a lot and I listened to his voice when he spoke. When he was in the hospital with leukemia, we talked about his concerns for me. I am a teacher and at that point, I had taken off from my teaching career to adopt a child then to be a stay at home mom. He shared with me that he felt I needed to be teaching. He said, “You are supposed to be teaching, you love it and your students love you.” I mentioned the possibility of getting my Masters Degree in Education to become an administrator. He said, “We are losing too many great teachers to administrator positions, you are supposed to teach in the classroom where you can love and care for your own students.” He said, “I miss hearing your stories about your students”. I did not know that conversation was going to be my last with my Daddy, but I heeded every word. I began my search for a teaching position and have now been back in the classroom for eight years in a wonderful school. I love and care for each of my students and I love sharing their stories with my family.

God calls us to listen to his voice. God knows every detail of our lives and gives us the assurance that He is leading us through every step. Just as my father led me to a life changing decision, God leads us, if we listen, to the places He would have us go.

Prayer:   Lord, we know you speak to us as we go through everyday. Help us listen for your voice as we go through every minute and help us discern your guidance through the words of those around us.


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