Live the Love

Joshua 23:11

Take good heed to yourselves, therefore, to love the Lord your God. (NIV)

Thought for the Day:  Showing God’s Love

My father, a United Methodist minister, was a person I admired and strived to be like. As I read scriptures recently about loving God, it reminded me that my dad knew how to truly love God.  His love for God made him into a pastor to the people in his church and community.  My father was known as a “minister to the people” because of his obvious love for each person he met.  He would not have called himself a great preacher but that could be argued by most of his congregation.  He would not have called himself a great intellectual leader,  but his insight about God was deeper than some who are well known. He preached from the heart using his knowledge of God’s love to bring those listening closer in their relationship to God. He took God’s love into the community to people who never heard him preach or heard a sermon. They saw God’s love through him as he shared a cup of coffee, or even performed one of his practical jokes. They saw a human being who absolutely loved God and lived it everyday.

God gives us gifts, but the main gift is love.  My father took that love and shared it in remarkable ways.

Prayer:   God, help me see your love for me everyday.  Help me to then share your love through the things I do and the things I say to those around me.  Help me “live your love” in a way that would be precious to you.  Amen.


4 thoughts on “Live the Love

  1. Thanks Donna. This is a blessing to me today. In no way do I consider myself a great pulpit preacher. Nor am I an intellectual giant. But I can always love when I remember I am loved.


    1. YOU ARE LOVED BY MANY! I have said often to Mark and to others that your ministry in Camden is so special because of your love and contributions to the community. You are a great example. Love to you and your family.


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