Where Did This All Begin?

Welcome to Donna’s Morning Coffee, a Blog of Devotionals


Many years ago, it was mentioned to me that I needed to write about my family. My parents were very special people who were given some hardships that to some would be impossible to live through. After they were married and had their three children, they were handed the diagnosis that their two sons both had Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and that their daughter was probably a carrier of the disease. That began a journey that was tragic but with God’s help, was beautiful and blessed.

Several months ago, I felt a nudge to start writing but wasn’t sure where to begin. After having a prayer request asked of me by a very close friend, I wrote about a situation that happened to me as a teenager that could help the person in need of the prayer request. The writing of that devotional seemed to come naturally and surprisingly made me long to write more.

As I prayed about my feelings, I heard myself promise God that I would continue writing and would try to write a devotional every day. Since that day, a routine was formed that helped me keep that promise. My morning routine now includes waking up early, preparing my cup of coffee, reading devotionals and scriptures, praying my daily prayers, and then praying for what God wants me to write. I have never felt God’s voice so clearly as I have through these months and I am thankful for His words.

Recently, my husband, Mark, and I shared with a friend about the devotionals I had written and he suggested that I begin writing a blog. After some thought and prayer, I decided to give it a try. I then had to think of a name for my blog and I asked several people who gave me great suggestions. Mark, however, reminded me that coffee had to be included in the name because there was always a cup of coffee to be sipped as the reading and writing took place. So, there begins “Donna’s Morning Coffee”.

Please read these devotionals knowing I am new to writing and pray for me as I grow in my faith and learn better techniques of writing.


Donna Henderson Locke

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